Amy Rowlings is a feisty, intelligent, fiercely independent woman living in a time when women were meant to stay at home and look after the man of the house.

Amy and her best friend Alice from the farm refuse to accept the fact that they aren’t the equal of the men around them, despite the blatant misogyny that is rife in society at the time.

Amy works at a clothing factory, nicknamed, The Mill and met Inspector Bodkin one winter’s morning when she found him investigation a break in at the warehouse over the road. the next morning they meet again when ‘Wandering Handsley,’ the Mill owner’s son is found dead on the premises. As Bodkin is new to the area and Amy is a font of local knowledge, he accepts her offer of help and a new series is born.

The books in the series so far include.

Murder at the Mill

Death at the Lychgate

The Murder Awards (published on November 5th 2023)

All three novels are published by SpellBound Books Ltd. Cover designs by Nikki East.

The fourth book in the series, Murder on the Medway will be released in Spring 2024.

You can find the books at Amazon UK