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Hopes and Fears Audiobook UPDATE!

I am delighted to announce that the audiobook version of my Unspoken Christmas novel, Hopes and Fears is now complete.

Narrated by the extraordinary Deborah Balm, the title should be available on Audible by mid January.

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank Deborah for all her hard work and the speed with which she delivered such an exceptional production.

She is a very talented lady and I cannot recommend her highly enough.

For those thinking of putting their own books on audible, here’s a sample of her work on my book below. Her website, which contains many more samples can be found here.

The book is also available in eBook and paperback formats.  AMAZON LINKY THINGY   You can also read for FREE with a Kindle Unlimited account.

A short excerpt from Hopes and Fears. An Unspoken Christmas


Saturday 14th December

At twelve o’clock we sat in the tea shop in town looking out of the fogged-up window as we sipped our hot drinks and nibbled at the dry cake that tasted as though it had spent a day too long under the glass counter. Stephen, bored as usual, began to draw with his finger in the condensation on the shop window. After twenty minutes I put him out of his misery and we got to our feet and made for the door, moving aside to allow a pair of elderly ladies to enter.

‘Thank you, dears,’ the first of the pensioners smiled at the children. ‘I’m ready for a cuppa, I’m parched.’

‘I wouldn’t bother with the sponge cake,’ Stephen advised. ‘You’ll be even parchder.’ He looked at me quizzically as I tried to usher him out of the café before he got us into trouble. ‘Is parchder a word?’ he asked.

Outside, the Saturday lunchtime streets were full of shoppers. Jam-packed buses trundled along the narrow town roads as the half day Saturday workers made their way home from the factories. The bustling market place echoed with the shouts of, ‘Plums, get your lovely plums, they’re big, they’re beautiful just like your… mums,’ and ‘sprouts and cabbage, fresher than your lodger, put it on a plate for him, girls, he’ll love you for it.’

Hopes and Fears. Christmas Novella Cover Reveal


An Unspoken Christmas Story

I am beyond delighted to reveal the fabulous cover for my work in progress, the Unspoken Christmas Novella, Hopes and Fears.

As usual, the cover has been designed by the wonderfully talented, Jane Dixon Smith of JD Smith Design

The story is set at Christmas in 1940 where Alice is at the farm with her young daughter, Martha and her two evacuee children, Harriet and Stephen who are both excited at the prospect of receiving a visit from their mother, Rose, who still lives in blitz ravaged London.

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