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Seventy Summers

Seventy Summers, the short story novella about my characters Amy Rowlings and lifelong friend Alice Mollison will be started on soon. Look out for posts and clips from the book on this page.

Amy Rowlings and Alice Mollison her best friend for life are reunited on Alice’s 70th birthday. The book will share snippets of their lives and mysteries that Amy was involved in that were not covered in the two series, Unspoken and The Amy Rowlings Mysteries.

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Seventy Summers

Seventy Summers (An unbreakable bond) is the new short story compilation featuring conversations between a seventy year old Amy Rowlings and her lifetime friend Alice Mollison. The stoirs will feature snippets of their lives not covered in either the Unspoken or Amy Rowlings Mysteries series.


Amy Rowlings, the star of the 1930s based murder mystery series now has her own website. The site is live, but a lot more will be added over the next few weeks. Readers can look forward to news of future releases and glimpses inside the plot for the next book in the series, Ten Years After. There will also be a new short story serial featuring Amy and Alice 50 years on from the events detailed in the novels.


Death at the Lychgate, PUBLICATION DAY!

The sequel to Murder at the Mill is finally here. Death at the Lychgate was released by SpellBound Books Ltd on Sept 30th. Many thanks to Zoe from for putting together such a fabulous collection of book bloggers for the tour.


The book is set in Kent, during the spring of 1939.


Sunday morning, and the body of Reverend Villiers has been found propped up on the vigil seat in the church’s lychgate. It appears that he has been poisoned.

When amateur sleuth and regular churchgoer, Amy Rowlings arrives she finds DI Bodkin already at the scene. Bodkin tells her about a cryptic scripture reference that has been scrawled in chalk on the stone slabs beneath the body. What the citation hints at, shocks everyone.

Amy, a huge Agatha Christie fan is determined to get involved in the investigation and despite a stern warning from the detective’s boss, Amy and Bodkin team up again to try to solve the most complex murder case he has ever been involved in. When the toxicology report comes back from the lab, the results only add to the mystery.

Meanwhile, Amy looks to her favourite Agatha Christie character, Hercule Poirot for help, and using his techniques, she narrows down the list of possible murderers to just nine suspects.

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