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Murder at the Mill Audiobook release.

Today, Sumaira, my publisher, received the first-ever copies of the Murder at the Mill audiobook in CD format. This is the version that Ulverscroft, who took up the rights to the book will send to UK libraries via its Ulibrary service.  The digital version of the book will be available through Audible and all other audiobook online companies on Monday April 1st 2024.  Readers who bought, or decide to buy, the eBook version for 99p will be able to add on the audiobook for just £2,99. The book is narrated by the wonderful Gemma Lawrence who you may have seen on TV in episodes of Luther, Casualty, Holby and Father Brown amongst many other appearances.

I’d like to thank Ulverscroft for taking up the option on Murder at the Mill but I’d like to thank Nikki East and Sumaira Wilson from SpellBound books in particular for all the work they put in to make this possible.

T. A. Belshaw 28th March 2024.

All You Need To Know About Murder On The Medway

Q) What is Murder on the Medway?

A) Murder on the Medway is the fourth book in the Amy Rowlings, Golden Age, Cosy Crime Mystery series.

Q) What’s it about?

A) The book tells the story of the murder of a young party girl, Efie Watkins whose body is found in the reed beds at the side of the river Medway.

Q) Okay. So, who is Amy Rowlings?

A) Amy Rowlings is a young amateur sleuth who works at the Mill, a clothing factory in the fictional industrial town of Spinton. Amy is a movie buff. a collector of American records and a huge Hercule Poirot fan who uses his techniques when investigating crimes alongside the handsome police inspector, Bodkin.

Q) What era are the books set in?

A) The books are set in the late 1930s.

Q) What were the previous books in the series?

A) Murder at the Mill, Death at the Lychgate, and The Murder Awards. All published by SpellBound Books Ltd. You can find them here. Amazon Linky thing. 

Q) What formats are the books available in?

A) The books are available in eBook, priced at an incredible 99p. They are also available in paperback (signed on request) and are FREE to read with a #KindleUnlimited account. On April 1st, the first book in the series will be released in audiobook format by Soundings, part of the Ulverscroft group. The book is narrated by the wonderful TV, stage, and film. actress, Gemma Lawrence.

Q) When will the new title be published?

A) Murder on the Medway will be published by SpellBound Books on April 30th 2024.


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