A New eBook for kids COMING SOON


The Little Christmas Tree and Other Stories will be released on Amazon within the next few days. The book is for kids of reading age or kids too young to read themselves but like a good story read to them in bed.

The book comprises of Five short stories and One funny poem.

The Little Christmas Tree (the last pine tree before the north pole. A 3300 word Christmas story.)

Horace the Ogre.

Harry’s Present. (a very short Christmas story.)

A Box Full Of Wishes.

Celia’s Question. (a short Christmas story.)

Clicking Gran (my almost famous Halloween poem.)

Faylinn Frost and the Snow Fairies (Complete Book)

The book will be priced at 99p.

Paperback will follow shortly.

More to follow.


  1. Colette Rogers

    So not a book you can wrap and give at Christmas? That’s a shame.

  2. tbelshaw

    It’s only a very short book so it wouldn’t be very thick. I’m going to see how the kindle version goes down before deciding.

    • Colette Rogers

      Be ideal for the little ones. Attention span is short.

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