Soundings Audiobooks snap up Amy Rowlings.

I am delighted to announce that Soundings, the huge audiobook company have taken up the rights to publish Murder at the Mill. Soundings is owned by Ulverscroft, the biggest audiobook distributor in the UK. They also own ULibrary, a company which connects to every library in the UK providing them with audio and large print books. They distribute and make audiobooks for all the biggest book publishers and have many imprints of their own. It doesn’t get much bigger than them. Thanks so much, Sumaira Wilson from SpellBound Books Ltd for negotiating with Ulverscroft and getting me such a fab deal. They did mention the Amy series so MATM may just be the start for Amy Rowlings on audio. Soundings use the biggest names for narration so I can’t wait to see who they ask to read for them. oh… there was also a tidy advance on royalties as part of the deal. Whooo! Amy is taking off .


  1. Marit

    Absolutely fantastic, and well deserved! Congratulations! I always knew you would be going places!!

    • T. A. Belshaw

      Thanks so much for the kind words Marit.

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