Tales on Trent Author Book Signing Event. Sat 2nd Sept. 2023




I would like to thank the organisers, support staff, the book buying public and my fellow attending authors for making the Tales on Trent Author Book Signing Event such a fantastic experience. It was truly wonderful to get to speak to so many people and I know I have made some new friends in the author community.

Special thanks go to organisers Claire Birkin and Hayley Bibbey. Also to author, promoter and panel host, Donna Morfett who, despite the loss of her voice, still managed to host all those meet the author sessions on stage.

Much fun was had at the after event party in the Glebe. As if he hadn’t been noticeable enough in his flouro-yellow suit during the evet, Author Darren Walker upstaged everyone again by appearing at the party in a kilt. Well done mate.

I can’t end without mentioning the forces of nature that are James Biddulph and his wonderful nine year old granddaughter, Nunu, who stole all our hearts. Amongst her other remarkable achievements, Nunu runs her own library from a telephone box, she also does a lot of work in the community getting books to families that otherwise would never get to see one. She is quite a remarkable young lady and has the wonderfully supportive grandfather she so thoroughly deserves.

Thanks for the company my fellow writers, Esther Chilton, her partner Greame Cummings and the fabulous author Jon Richter among many others. Many thanks to the members of the public who took time to speak to me at my table, big wave to Isobelle Cate, and last but not least, huge thanks to Claire’s mum for supplying me with the copious amounts of coffee that helped get me through the day.

Looking forward to next year already.


My table


The wonderful Nunu with her new books donated by the authors at the event.

Nuno with her fantastically supportive, flamboyant grandad, James Biddulph and the always understated, Darren Walker




  1. Chris Nedahl

    Looks an awesome event with fabulous people. x

    • T. A. Belshaw

      had a great time, thanks Chris.

  2. Colette Rogers

    Wonderful Trebor. What a lovely day you all had. So pleased it went well for you

    • T. A. Belshaw

      Thanks Colette, I had a blast. Met some lovely people

  3. Jane Badrock

    Good to chat with you too!

    • T. A. Belshaw

      Lovely to meet you, Jane. Enjoyed our chat.

  4. Marit Meredith

    It sounds as fabulous as I hoped it would be for you!! What a girl little Nunu is! ❤

    • T. A. Belshaw

      She’s an amazing young lady

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