Relative Strangers. An Unspoken Christmas Novella.

Work is well underway on the latest addition to the Unspoken series. Relative Strangers is set a year after the events in my last Unspoken book, Betrayal. The new story will appear as a novella and will feature many of the characters from that novel. Jane Dixon-Smith, my fabulous cover designer has come up trumps again and I’ll share the cover with you when it is finalised.

The Unspoken series is a dual timeline family saga told over four books so far. The novels can be found on Amazon UK.


  1. Colette Rogers

    Can’t wait for the story to go into print.
    Excited to hear its on its way

  2. Maria Bibby

    Hope you continue with more books in the series otherwise the story is in complete as Alice great Grandaughter has not read all the diaries up to 1945

    • T. A. Belshaw

      There will be more books in the series Maria. I’m just taking a much needed few weeks off. There will be more to come. Alice’s story has a long way to go yet. There are more diaries that take her into the 1960s.

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